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17 Aug

Italy 2018

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Spark Page Travelogue

My husband Blaise and I spent an amazing thirteen days in Italy. It was our first time there, and a trip I had dreamt about for years. It filled me in ways that are hard to describe. Ten of the days were spent on the Italian Concerto Tour with Trafalgar. This tour took us to places, and introduced us to experiences that we would not have found on our own. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Italy for the first time.

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07 May

May 17th Meeting

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LA InDesign User Group

This month I will be speaking at the Los Angeles InDesign User Group. The topic is Working with Color in InDesign. Admission is FREE but registration is encouraged.

Thursday, May 17, 2018 7-10 p.m.
Veterans Memorial Building Garden Room
4117 Overland Ave., Culver City, CA 90230


I hope to see you there.

07 May

Illustrator: Coloring Artwork

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I'm very excited to announce my first course published on Learning. Please watch and share with your friends, colleagues and students.

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15 Apr

AME Leadership Conference

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Create Professional Image and Graphics

Adobe Spark Page

09 Apr

AME Leadership

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Create Professional Image and Graphics

I will be presenting a hands on workshop at the AME Leadership conference 4/16/18. 

More Info here.

21 Feb

30 Day Drawing Challenge

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I keep commitments, even ones made with myself. When my girlfriend Carey suggested I do a 30 day challenge with her I said, "it would be good for me to draw for 30 days, but I'm not going to make that commitment." I was afraid to commit to something I would later resent. She pushed and I conceded after imposing some rules for myself.

The drawings would be small, simple, drawn with a large brush tip sharpie, and done quickly. No pencils, erasers or digital undos. I get too wrapped up in the details of creating. I thought my rules would prevent that, and hopefully help me to care less about the final product.

I kept my commitment and stuck to my rules. Except for the quickly part. By the end I was spending twice as much time on a drawing.

On day 1 I drew the living room windowed doors, my view while seated in my recliner. I did all 30 drawings in the comfort of my living room.

Sketch Day 1

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05 Jan

2017 Year in Review

Made with Adobe Spark Page

Adobe Spark Page

27 Aug

Adobe MAKE-IT Header

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On August 2nd, 2017 I presented a lab session at the Adobe MAKE-IT conference in Sydney Australia. Read article here.

27 Aug

Adobe MAKE-IT Conference

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Sunglass Selfie Lab Session

(Click on any image for a larger view, or to enter a slide show viewer.)

Room view

Earlier this month I had the privilege of presenting a hands on Adobe Draw lab session at the Adobe MAKE-IT conference in Sydney, Australia.

Speaker Badge

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16 Mar

Live with the Pros Recorded Webinar

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I enjoyed participating in a live webinar this morning with three other Photoshop and Lightroom ACP Pros, Conrad Chaves, Melissa Piccone & Jesus Ramirez. The webinar was recorded. You can watch it HERE.

Live with the Pros recorded webinar