Artistic Entry - Pretty in PinkArtistic Entry - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink is created using Photoshop and Photomatix. I call the process an HDR composite. The image is composited from four frames. The first three frames are a bracketed set of the Fiori di Como in the Bellagio Casino Lobby. I photographed the bracketed set while in Vegas for Photoshop World last year. The fourth frame is a single pink Ranunculu photographed at the Carlsbad Flower Fields in San Diego county where I live.

The process begins by registering the images in Photoshop. Individual tiff files are saved and then processed with Photomatix. Final color corrections are done in Photoshop. I wrote a tutorial about this technique here. The image for this tutorial is different but the steps taken are exactly the same.

Some areas of Pretty in Pink are intentionally left white. I printed the image on metal DibondĀ® with a spot white ink. Some areas of the image have to be white for the metal surface to show through. Unfortunately it is difficult to show the print result in a digital file. I wrote about the results in a similar image here.

Pretty in Pink Flower Composite - Artistic Guru Entry