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13 Mar
Posted Wed, 03/12/2014 - 22:29
Daily Quick Edit

Tintaciones Zijuatenajo Mexico - Contemplate sculpture

Hotel Tentaciones, Zihuatanejo, Mexico - February 27, 2013

Today was long. I'm tired. It was late before I could complete my Daily Quick Edit. Maybe subconciously I picked this image because it reflected my mood.

This was a tough edit. I love bright colors, textures and patterns. This image doesn't really have those things.

I pushed the selective editing on this as far as I could. Lightroom is not Photoshop. I can't control the mask edges with the finess and detail that I want, but I recognize that the limitation is good for me. I'm prevented from going into that pixel OCD place where I fuss over the smallest detail. It helps me focus on the big picture instead.

This image is about the big picture, what's on the horizon, what tomorrow might bring as the sun sets on today.

Here is the original unedited image.

Tintaciones Zijuatenajo Mexico - Contemplate sculpture before



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