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07 Jun
Posted Mon, 06/07/2010 - 16:18
Welcome to my orchard.

Orchard View Color is a place to share creative ideas with explanations on how to execute them. The digital world requires technical solutions for creative ideas. I create and design for a variety of applications. Print applications alone vary from large format digital or dye-sub, to traditional offset and screen print. Each variation presents its own challenges. Custom e-mails, web banner ads or website design require a broader range of skills.

I’ve been working on large format projects for over five years. In the beginning I had many questions. My offset printing knowledge led me to a number of incorrect assumptions about file prep. I had a difficult time finding answers to questions regarding file sizes, resolution, file formats and color space. After some trial-and-error and many print tests, I found answers and developed a solid proven work flow for large format production. I hope these first few articles answer questions you may have and inspire you to design something big.

I need to give a big shout out thank you to Steve Oliver at Circatree Design. I couldn’t have accomplished this website without his expertise and inspiration. Steve brought my vision to life and provided a ton of design ideas along the way. Check out more of Steve’s work at


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